GamePro Hot Tips
Sports Games
This is a hints, tips, strategy review and walkthrough guide to video game sports titles. There are 56 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), 14 Sega Genesis (Gen), and 10 Turbo Grafx-16 16 reviews in this book. Each game has at least one color screenshot, some games have passwords, tip, and cheats related info. The main section tells who made each game, and the number of players and if there is simultaneous or turn based play for each game, the second section of New games gives a short review of the game, it's screenshot and the name of the company that made it and the game system is played on. This book also has a companion volume "GamePro Hot Tips: Adventure Games" ISBN: 1878058010.
Authors: Leeanne Mcdermott, Michael Meyers, Wesley Nihei
Formats: pdf/epub/mobi
Number of pages: n/a