Passion's Triumph:(Frasers #2)
FROM THE TURBULENT GRANDEUR OF THE HIGHLANDS TO THE INTRIGUE OF ROYAL CASTLES... With the bold passion of lain Fraser's pirate blood and the breathtaking brilliance of Dallas's dark-haired beauty, their tempestuous daughter Sorcha confronted a world seething with political strife. Yet it was not just loyalty to Mary, Queen of Scots, that swept her into the perils of court treachery and intrigue. For even as her heart whispered, "Shameless," she was compelled to follow the man whose dark and mysterious eyes had touched her very soul with impossible dreams a man who wore the garb of a priest! LOVE WAS THEIR DESTINY As passions blazed with a fire that threatened hell's damnation, they fought the forces that conspired to keep them apart. And in a daring challenge before the Court of King James, they faced the evil that cursed know at last the resounding triumph of eternal love. Frasers Series: Love's Pirate (Frasers, #2) Passion's Triumph (Frasers, #2)
Authors: Mary Daheim
Formats: pdf/epub/mobi
Number of pages: n/a