Political Philosophy and Revelation
A collection of Fr. James Schall's recent essays, Political Philosophy and Revelation offers a learned, erudite, and coherent statement on the relationship between reason and revelation in the modern world. It addresses political philosophy in the context of an awareness of other humane and practical sciences, including history, literature, economics, theology, ethics and metaphysics. Today, revelation and reason are often thought to be in opposition to each other. This book looks at arguments and evidence for a more consistent reading of our experience and thought, one that would include the revelational contributions and the philosophy and politics it inspires. This is done in accord with "the Catholic understanding of freedom and reason." To see these connections, Schall looks to the readings of Plato to illustrate how revelation addresses itself to reason. Political Philosophy and Revelation will prove to be an indispensable guide to the thinking and writing of Fr. Schall in the second decade of the twenty first century.
Authors: James V. Schall
Formats: pdf/epub/mobi
Number of pages: n/a