The Last Hot Time
*From the front flap:* When Danny Holman leaves the cornfields of Iowa for the bright lights of the City, he expects his life to change. He just can't guess who much and how fast. A violent incident on the road brings Danny the favor of a man known only as Mr. Patrise, who gives Danny a job, a home, and a new identity. The City is a different world from the one Danny (now called Doc) knew, and literally so. The long-vanished lands of the Elves have again opened doors into our reality. Humans cannot cross these thresholds, but the Elves can. Mr. Patrise is a power in the Levee, the shadowy, lawless region between the two worlds, where elf and human gangsters skirmish with sorcery and submachine guns and where anything can be sold, smuggled, or stolen. But the nature of that power--over his people, the City, and the unpredictable new forces of magic--is a mystery. The more Doc learns about the City and his responsibilities in it, the more he wonders if he's in over his head...
Authors: John M. Ford
Formats: pdf/epub/mobi
Number of pages: n/a